Illegal immigrants in Tel Aviv (illustration)
Illegal immigrants in Tel Aviv (illustration) Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

In perhaps the most dramatic sign of the criminal mayhem rampant in southern Tel Aviv due to the massive population of illegal immigrants, financial institutions in a central part of the city have begun hiring private security teams to personally guard their workers and do the job the police are supposed to be doing.

Walla! exposed on Friday how a bank adjacent to the Old Central Station, located at the northern tip of southern Tel Aviv, is taking desperate measures to protect its workers.

The bank - Bank Hapoalim according to pictures included in the report - is located in an office building to the immediate north of the station, an area that in recent years has seen an influx in financial institutions, banks and office buildings.

Official, the security crew is only meant to guard the offices which belong to the bank.

But in reality the guards, all of whom previously served in IDF combat units and bear handguns and communications earpieces, escort and guard the employees around the Old Central Station and even patrol the streets to increase the feeling of security for workers.

This role is of course supposed to be filled by the police, and the fact that a private company is spending funds to get the job done testifies to the total collapse of security palpably felt in the area.

The guards accompany employees to their cars and wait until they have started the vehicles to ensure they are not mugged.

In parallel, other guards conduct surveillance missions, and security cars patrol the streets and alleys of the area.

"We aren't in the crime neighborhoods of Mexico and we aren't in South Africa, so it's not clear why there's a need for this," said a police source familiar with the security steps being taken.

But the area has been crawling with crime, as hundreds of prostitutes and drug dealers work in the environs of the Old Central Station in broad daylight, reports Walla!.

Attempts to deal with the problems caused by the enormous illegal infiltrator population have so far yielded no results; statistics have proven that the infiltrators are not refugees but rather work migrants, despite the protestations of leftist groups.