Facebook page with threats against Arnon Sega
Facebook page with threats against Arnon Segascreenshot

Deputy Education Minister MK Avi Wortzman (Jewish Home) on Wednesday sent an urgent request to Public Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovich requesting immediate protection for Temple Mount activist Arnon Segal.

In recent days, Wortzman wrote in a letter to Aharonovich, “Palestinians continue to distribute inciting materials against Jews who are active on the Temple Mount issue, including flyers and photos directly calling for them to be targeted.”

Segal, said Wortzman, has been targeted in the same manner that Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick was before he shot and seriously injured by an Arab terrorist last week. “It is the attack on Glick that makes other examples of the anti-Jewish incitement by Palestinians even more worrying,” he wrote.

Segal, said Wortzman, is a prime target of these Palestinians. “His face has been distributed on many flyers and web sites, and direct calls for an attack on him have been made. He has also received many threats directly. I wish to draw your attention to this situation, which is very similar to the situation Yehuda Glick was in before last week. We call on you to provide protection for Segal and other Israleis before another tragedy occurs.

“The writing is on the wall,” Wortzman added. “We cannot remain passive in the wake of this wave of terror. We must take the steps needed to make clear to the violent elements among us that their behavior will not be tolerated.”