Captain Tamar Ariel z"l
Captain Tamar Ariel z"lIAF photo

Hanan Ariel, the father of Tamar Ariel who was killed in the avalanche in Nepal, on Thursday met with Eitan Idan, an Israeli hiker who, along with another of the avalanche victims, Nadav Shoham, was caught with Tamar in the avalanche. Idan, Shoham and a fourth hiker named Shani were tasked with helping Tamar back down the mountain during the storm.

The three ultimately had to leave Tamar behind upon realizing that she was no longer alive.

"Eitan made ​​a correct and courageous decision,” said the father of Tamar, who was Israel's first religious female IAF navigator.

"When Eitan realized that Tamar was dead, he made ​​the difficult but logical decision to leave her behind and for he and Nadav to move on. They continued under difficult conditions in which Nadav ultimately also died,” said Hanan Ariel.

“There is no doubt in our minds that if Tamar had been alive they would not have left her there. Once they realized that Tamar was dead they made ​​a brave and difficult, but correct decision. I do not wish any of us to be in this situation. They made the right decision," he reiterated.

Hanan added that the family was relieved by the fact that Tamar's body was found quickly and that there was no need to wait for the end of the winter and the melting of the snow.

In addition to Ariel and Shoham, two other Israelis were killed in the avalanche: Agam Luria and Michal Cherkesky.