Islamists march in London
Islamists march in London Reuters

The British parliament passed a non-binding - but possibly monumental - resolution Monday night to recognize the Hamas-Palestinian Authority (PA) "unity government" as "Palestine."

However, many of the MPs abstained from voting, a source told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday - not due to apathy about Israel, but due to fear of conflict and political turmoil in largely pro-Palestinian London. 

Many members of the Conservative Party, including government ministers, were not present in the discussion initiated by members of the Labor Party over the resolution, the source stated. Those MPs were slated to vote against the proposition against Israel, and mark a series of "abstains" - including one from Prime Minister David Cameron. 

Jewish community officials explained this morning in a conversation with Arutz Sheva that the proposal passed in Parliament does not just mark a vote against Israel, but also against Cameron himself. 

"[It's] a kind of internal politics rather than a decision against the State of Israel," the source said. 

Despite this, it is clear that MK Ahmed Tibi (Balad)'s push for the vote did not actually change anything, even if the vote passed. "Everyone knows that [he didn't make a difference], and knows that his actions were questionable," the source stated. 

Overall, the source said, there is fear and concern about the conduct of London's parliamentarians regarding the Palestinian and Muslim communities in general.

"Today Muslims are taking over large areas in London, as well as large areas in Europe," the source reflected. "ISIS is also starting to bud in the UK. Whether Britain will not be determined enough to face terrorism will be revealed, once again, in a few years in London." 

"Anyone who lives in London and has a big heart feels concern for his children and grandchildren who will suffer the London Muslim takeover, as well as of all Europe as a whole," he continued. "It's a shame world leaders lend a hand, passively or actively, to Muslim organizations whose goals are clear." 

The source also added, however, that the success of the vote is not necessarily a failure of the Israeli nationalist movement nor of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"We hear the chatter of the Left in Israel - 'there is no connection between the proposals that are pro-Palestinian and Israel's policies.' [On the contrary,] every day new Palestinian and Muslim groups are established - the Israeli government cannot deal with each organization that lobbies MPs' personal, economic, and political interests," he said. 

"Netanyahu helps explain Israel's position and its conduct - in Israel and worldwide - but opponents will always reject him, regardless of what he says. They refuse to be 'confused' by the facts."