Hagel, Netanyahu
Hagel, Netanyahu Flash90

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Friday that world powers must deny Iran any possibility of developing a nuclear weapon as the search for a deal intensifies.

"I think that, while the talks with Iran are going on, there is one thing that must guide the international community and that is not to let the ayatollahs win," Netanyahu's office quoted him as saying at the beginning of their meeting in Jerusalem.

"We must not allow Iran, the foremost terrorist state of our time, to develop the ability to develop a nuclear weapon," Netanyahu said. 

Hagel responded by saying "I want to assure you prime minister, and the people of Israel, of the United States' continued commitment to assuring Iran does not get a nuclear weapon. America will do what we must to live up to that commitment."

Chuck Hagel and Binyamin Netanyahu at press conference
Chuck Hagel and Binyamin Netanyahu at press conference Flash90

The Pentagon chief's visit to Israel came as the United States and other major powers pressed talks with Iran on a long-term agreement to allay international concerns about its nuclear ambitions.

Netanyahu addressed a UN report proving that Iran is bypassing sanctions, saying that neither is surprised about Iran's bid to deceive the international community. 

Israel has strongly opposed the negotiations with the Islamic Republic, and has said repeatedly that it is prepared to go it alone if necessary with pre-emptive military action against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Netanyahu has noted over and over again that the diplomatic opening to the West overseen by President Hassan Rouhani since he took office last August is a charade as real power remains in the hands of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

At a meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon on Thursday, Hagel said the negotiations between the powers and Iran were not open-ended -- the parties are working to a July 20 target for an agreement.

He said Washington was continuing to cooperate closely with its Israeli ally on the Iran issue, even while the negotiations continued.

Hagel is on the last leg of a Middle East tour that also took him to Saudi Arabia, which has its own concerns about the nuclear talks with its regional rival.

"I've been in this complicated region for the last week," Hagel told Israeli President Shimon Peres during a meeting on Friday. "It's important that we stay very close to these events to try to bridge, build and bring peace, stability and security to all people," he said in remarks broadcast on IDF Radio.

Peres said: "The president (Barack Obama) said that the United States should not be the policeman of the world, I agree with him."

"But the United States must be the peacemaker of the world," he added. "I don't know any other country that can replace you."

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