Ofir Gendelman exposes Fatah
Ofir Gendelman exposes Fatah Palestinian Media Watch

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Arabic spokesman posted a pictured of armed masked men from the Fatah movement's Facebook page to his own Twitter and Facebook pages. The exposure elicited a sharp outburst from Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah organization.

On January 1, spokesman Ofir Gendelman posted the picture, which was on Fatah's official Facebook page, with the accompanying words: "this is the photo that the Fatah Movement led by Abbas chose as its Facebook page cover photo on the eve of Kerry's arrival. The Palestinian choice is not peace."

Fatah shot back on its Facebook page the next day, saying it isn't concerned by the words of "angry midgets," and pledging to continue to "struggle until the liberation of our land from the impurity of Zionism." Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) translated and exposed the Fatah insults.

The 49-year-old group, which as noted is headed by Abbas, also promised to continue using violence against Israel, writing "for 49 years the Fatah Movement has carried out an armed struggle. ...Long live your revolution, Palestinians."

In the statement Fatah revealed its continued violence, even as Abbas has made statements to the contrary in English. The effectiveness of this tactic was highlighted last September when US President Barack Obama praised the Fatah leader for "consistently rejecting violence."

The violent nature of Fatah has been exposed in the past, despite Obama's appraisal. Last week the group threatened to bomb Tel Aviv on its Facebook page, and a senior member of the group called to "renew the armed uprising."

PMW has translated Fatah videos showing the true nature of the terror group in the past, and exposed another Fatah senior official admitting that any peace agreement will merely be the "first stage" in destroying Israel completely.

Gendelman wrote on his official Twitter on Sunday "PA Pres Abbas' Fatah org, that supports terrorism against Israel, is upset that I exposed its true murderous colors," and linked the PMW expose.

The latest round of fire with Fatah comes as sources in Netanyahu's office claimed the prime minister's reported proposal to have Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria live under the PA was a "ploy" to expose the PA's true face.