Arabs riot in the Old City (archive)
Arabs riot in the Old City (archive)Israel news photo: Flash 90

Five Arab teens from Jerusalem, all aged 14-15, have been indicted for an anti-Semitic attack targeting a Jewish family’s home in the Old City.

The youths are accused of property damage motivated by racism, attempted assault motivated by racism, and rioting.

According to the indictment, the youths met on September 27, 2013 and agreed to throw stones at a home in the Old City solely because its residents were Jewish. They immediately launched a mob attack on the home while the Jewish family – parents and eight children ages 3-15 – were inside.

A group of roughly 10 Arab teens approached the family’s home with their faces covered. When they reached the house, one of the teens smashed two bricks, and the group began hurling a barrage of stones toward the home.

Two of the teens attempted to break down the door to the home. The rioters also attempted to set fire to the area by spilling trash next to the home and lighting it.

When they failed to set the trash on fire, one made a more direct attempt to burn the home down with the parents and children stuck inside by setting fire to a cardboard box next to the front door. The door did not catch fire.

Shortly afterward, police arrived, and the rioters fled. The attack caused damage to the home, but thankfully did not injure any of its residents.

Prosecutors have asked the court to leave the youths in jail until trial, or to release them to house arrest.