Hamas summer campers
Hamas summer campers Israel news photo: IDF

Once again, terror groups in Gaza will be holding “summer camps” for children and youth ages 6 through 16, further indoctrinating them with hatred of Israel and Jews. The camps, sponsored and paid for by Islamic Jihad, will run throughout the summer, and are free for all campers.

Most summer camps teach kids skills like camping and swimming, but the Islamic Jihad summer camps specialize in teaching terror tactics, including how to throw rocks and firebombs for maximum effect, how to properly choose victims, how to assemble a firebomb, and how to survive in desert conditions while hiding from the IDF.

The curriculum also stresses religious belief, and the need for Muslims to conduct a Jihad against Israel and the West. It's expected that the best “campers” will eventually be recruited to the ranks of Islamic Jihad or other terror organizations.

A spokesperson for the group, Daoud Shibab, said that Islamic Jihad “is training the next generation of Palestinians to defend themselves and their people from Israeli attacks.” Training, he said, includes “teaching first aid, civil defense, personal defense skills, leadership skills, and avoiding depression.” In addition, he said, the camps will conduct “military-style training maneuvers.”