Fatah-Hamas meeting Wednesday, January, 2012
Fatah-Hamas meeting Wednesday, January, 2012Israel news photo: Flash 90

Terror group Hamas was quoted Saturday as saying that members of the hacking group Anonymous broke into a Mossad website and revealed the names of 123 Israeli spies.

According to a report in Egyptian newspaper Al Shaab al Masri, the claim was made by an officer for the "internal security intelligence" mechanism in the interior ministry of the Hamas government of Gaza.

The officer said that 48 of the spies work in Egypt's and Saudi Arabia's stock exchanges. Another 52 work in the EMPC building, where Egypt's central television studios are located, 15 work on oil rigs in the Persian Gulf and Libya, ten in Egyptian communications media networks, and three in private firms.

He said that the names would be passed on to Egyptian intelligence in the next few days.

The report also said that Israeli intelligence is trying to sow confusion by publishing the names of innocent people and presenting them as spies for Israel.