Lemon tree
Lemon tree Israel news photo: Flash 90

A farmer from southern Israel has invented a product that could be a boon to lemon farmers worldwide. The invention prevents the spread of Mal secco, a fungal disease affecting citrus trees that has been known to kill entire lemon groves.

It was created by Rafi Koren, a lemon farmer from Moshav Avigdor near Kiryat Malachi.

Koren has successfully tested his invention on lemon groves in his area.

Mal secco is a fungus that attacks trees primarily in dry cool climates such as the Mediterranean. It is contagious, and can be carried from grove to grove by wind or rain.

The fungus attacks trees’ vessels, causing the trees to dry out and ultimately, to die.

Current methods for fighting the disease include quarantine, pruning and preemptive treatment with fungicides.