Oz Tzion (file)
Oz Tzion (file) Hillel Meir

The IDF has received orders to dismantle the new communities of Ramat Migron and Oz Tzion by the beginning of next week – in preparation for the visit of U.S. President Barack H. Obama. The orders were displayed in an IDF document obtained by Arutz Sheva.

Soldiers were ordered to remove the new communities, termed “outposts” in the media, and to set up extensive patrols to ensure that they are not rebuilt, at least during the time Obama will be in Israel. The communities are in the area of Ramallah, which Obama will be visiting on his visit to Israel.

Officials in the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council said that several main roads in the Binyamin area would be closed when Obama went to Ramallah. Obama will be traveling with a convoy of some 40 vehicles, the officials said, and roads could be closed for extended periods. “Road 60 on the way to Ramallah will be turned into a 'sterile' area, with no traffic other than Obama's convoy allowed at all. Ambulances will also not be permitted to travel on the road,” the officials said, adding that extra doctors will be on duty in towns in the area, and a helicopter will be standing by for emergency situations.

During Obama's visit to Ramallah, the towns of Beit El, Psagot, Tel Tziyon, Kochav Ya'akov, and Migron will be completely closed off for the better part of the day. Nevertheless, the officials congratulated Obama for his visit to Israel and invited him to stop in and visit some of the towns in the area.