Sabbath Israel news photo: Flash 90

Naama Itzkovich, 20, of Netanya, caused her family and many other Israelis great distress over the Sabbath, but her intentions had been good. She was supposed to spend the Sabbath at her fiancé's home, in Mazkeret Batya, but took a wrong turn and wound up in Ashdod.

She did not tell her family, however, because the Sabbath had already begun and, being observant, she believed she must not use her phone.

Meanwhile, her parents were unable to locate her and they realized, minutes before the Sabbath began, that she had not made it to the fiancé's home. The distraught dad went to the Netanya Police and filed a complaint.

Police began searching for her car, with the aid of a helicopter. An alert was issued on television, radio, and social media.

When the Sabbath had ended, it turned out that the young woman had found a family to host her during the Sabbath. She was completely unaware that police were searching for her.

"She did not desecrate the Sabbath," one of her relatives said, "but we all desecrated the Sabbath big-time in the course of the search for her."