Bennett in protected space in Ashdod
Bennett in protected space in Ashdod PR photo

A poll taken after the ceasefire was declared between Israel and Hamas found that Likud has been severely weakened by the operation, which many of the party's supporters saw as disappointing.

According to a Panels Institute poll carried out for the Knesset Channel, if elections were held today, Likud Beytenu would receive 33 seats – five less than a Panels poll gave it before the 8-day operation.

The Labor party receives 24 seats – up from 22.

The Jewish Home / National Union party grows from 11 to 13 projected seats, while Michael Ben-Ari's Power to Israel goes from 3 to 4 seats.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak's Independence party does not pass the minimum threshold.

In terms of blocs, the right wing's strength is unchanged with 50 seats, the hareidi bloc has 19 and the center has 11. The left wing and Arabs have 40.

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