Damage from Monday's Netivot Attack
Damage from Monday's Netivot AttackFlash90

The war in southern Israel is still raging. On Monday afternoon, a Grad rocket fired by Gaza Arab terrorists exploded next to a factory in the industrial zone of Netivot. Six people suffered from shock as a result of the attack. Witnesses said that there was a great deal of damage to the structure.

This was the second attack on the city Monday; earlier, a rocket fired at the city exploded in a residential neighborhood. That rocket caused a great deal of damage, gutting a shop near where the rocket exploded. Twenty six people were treated by medical personnel after going into shock, with some needing extensive treatment at a trauma center.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, the owner of the damaged store said that the rocket hit near the back of his business, in a courtyard used by residents of a housing complex. “I was told by residents of the building about the damage to my shop. I couldn't believe the extent of the damage when I saw what had happened,” he said. “All my stock is destroyed, and the power in the area is out.”

That attack occurred only hours after a ceasefire supposedly went into effect, but like dozens of similar announcements the past several years, it was not upheld.