Republican candidate Mitt Romney
Republican candidate Mitt RomneyReuters

The Republican Jewish Coalition released its final ad in a series entitled “My Buyer’s Remorse”, which features testimonies by individuals who explain why their perceptions of President Obama changed over the course of his presidency and why they will not be supporting the incumbent in the upcoming elections.

In the last ad before the Nov. 6 election, Jerusalem resident Bryna Franklin, a lifelong Democrat, explains her decision to vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney as stemming from a deep disappointment in President Obama and his treatment of the State of Israel. 

“The relationship changed almost immediately when President Obama became elected,” Franklin says on the ad running in the swing states of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada. “He went to Egypt, he didn’t come to Israel.”

“That special relationship does not exist” anymore between the United States and Israel, she says. “Almost 75% of Americans living in Israel will cast their votes for Mitt Romney. The majority of them have been democrats their whole lives.”

“Forget that you’ve voted for democrats since you’ve been knee high to a grasshopper. I did too,” she asserts.

“My message to American Jews is to join me, Byrna Franklin, former chairperson of 'Democrats Abroad – Israel' and a delegate to the 1992 Democratic National Convention, to switch sides and vote for Mitt Romney for president,” the ad concludes.