Muslim schoolgirls
Muslim schoolgirls Israel news photo: Flash 90

A Saudi Arabian man faces 600 lashes and five years in jail for making an indecent sex proposal on Facebook, local news site Sabq reported.  

The man, in his early 30s, admitted that he posted "an indecent proposal to offer himself for sexual acts" on his Facebook account.

Saudi Arabia frequently punishes people for violating religious rules and Muslim Sharia law dictated by the kingdom. Common procedure is for the lashes to be carried out over a period of time in order to prevent death.

Gulf News said that feedback comments on the website praised the sentence.

There is a "need to punish the man for going public with his vices,” said one reader.

Another responded, "I cannot believe that he has done this and he is supposed to be a mature person in his 30s," wrote a user of the social networking site.”

"I have always had concerns about teenagers, and now I read about a man in his 30s getting into such acts," said another user.