A second United Airlines plane departing from New Jersey’s Newark International Airport in the last two days was forced to make an emergency landing.

United Flight 409 bound for Seattle returned to the airport at approximately 9:15 a.m. Sunday morning after reports of possible smoke in the cabin and cockpit, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

No injuries were reported.

On Saturday night, a United flight to Germany also had to return to the airport after experiencing problems with the engine.

“When the plane took off, it was shaking so much,” passenger Yaser Haj told The New York Post. “We smelt it. We saw fire from the back.”

A woman who lives near the airport told the paper she first heard loud noises coming from the plane.

"We heard, Bang! Bang! Bang!," Suzanne Finelli said.

"Everytime there was a bang there were flames coming out. The plane looked so low, I thought it was going to fall out of the sky."

Last Thursday, a passenger jet flying from New York to Moscow was forced to make an emergency landing in Iceland after an anonymous caller claimed there was a bomb on board. No injuries were reported.