IDF Birthright chef cooks for soldiers
IDF Birthright chef cooks for soldiers Israel news photo: IDF website

If an army marches on its stomach, as Napoleon once said, Israel is good shape, with “Birthright” chefs cooking for soldiers.

The chefs are visiting Israel on the Birthright program, which brings to Israel young Jews who never before have visited the country.

The American cooks last week prepared a surprise meal for Nahal soldiers based near Gaza, while Kassam rockets and missiles were exploding around the area in the most recent escalation of terror from the Hamas-controlled region.

They cooked at the military kitchens at the Nahal Oz and Kisufim bases and spiced up the routine army menu with an assortment of culinary delights.

"The whole thing was a big surprise for us and it was a real treat," said Sergeant Josh Friedman, himself an immigrant from the U.S. "There is no doubt that it was a real upgrade from the regular military kitchen that we're used to. We could feel that everything was cooked with great love. As a soldier who immigrated to Israel, it touched me personally."

Many of Birthright visitors end up moving to Israel and there is a chance that one or more of the chefs will bring his skills to the IDF as a soldier.

"We've never cooked for soldiers before, but this could be one of the most significant meals that we've prepared," said one of the American chefs. "We're hoping that the soldiers will love what we've made for them."