Tunisia unrest in the capital (January 2011 a
Tunisia unrest in the capital (January 2011 a Israel news photo: courtesy VOA Photo/L. Brya

Hundreds of plain-clothes officers demonstrated outside the country's Interior Ministry last Thursday, calling for the ouster of the interim prime minister, Beji Caid Sebsi.

The police were protesting the government's ban on their membership in a police trade union formed after the revolution in January.

Sebsi referred earlier in the week to a minority of dissidents within the ranks of security personnel as "monkeys" -- prompting hundreds of angry police officers to gather at his office in Tunis. The lack of support from the country's police leaves Sebsi with only the already over-extended army to back him when the need arises for security. 

Unrest has also continued elsewhere in the country. In southwestern Tunis, in the suburb of Sbeitla, a 17 year old girl died after soldiers fired into the air to end a clash between two groups. Another person died Monday in clashes between local groups in the western town of Metlaoui, according to the Financial Times.

Tunisia's national elections are scheduled for October 23, when voters will select a new 218 national parliament to rewrite the country's constitution.