Medics evacuate Tali Dricova
Medics evacuate Tali DricovaArutz Sheva: Flash 90

Tragedy in Netanya: a driver forgot a three-year-old girl in his scorching hot transport van Monday morning, and she died from the heat and  suffocation

The driver had taken 15 children to a pre-school facility in Netanya, where his wife works, but he forgetfully left behind the little girl, Tali Dricova, who paramedics said had struggled to get out of the vehicle, where she was strapped in by a seat belt.

The driver returned six hours later to take the children back home and discovered Tali, too late to save her life.

He called for rescue medics, and paramedics said that when they arrived, the 39-year-old driver already had removed the child from the van. “The driver was crying hysterically and asked out loud, ‘How could I have forgotten her,’” a rescue worker said.

Friends of Tali’s mourning parents said, “She was their first and only child. This is absolutely heartbreaking."

Policies are questioning the driver and his wife.

Instances of adults leaving their children in cars in the summer heat have repeated themselves every year, and medics advise drivers to double-check that no one is left behind.