.Paamonim lecturer among tents
.Paamonim lecturer among tents Paamonim


While Israel is rocked by a media-hyped protest against the cost of housing, an NGO called Paamonim is providing assistance in planning family finances – this time, for Hesder yeshiva students.
Paamonim's workshops usually target the general population, with an emphasis on the religious sector. A new workshop is specifically geared for Hesder students, who study Torah along with their military service.
A pilot program for Hesder students was carried out recently at the Kiryat Shemona and Shdemot Mechola yeshivas. Following this, economic workshops have been opened for Hesder students nationwide. They are conducted in three meetings that teach students how to build a budget and manage it. The students receive tips on being smart consumers and how to deal effectively with banks, as well as Income Tax, National Insurance and other institutions.
Ariel Lederberg, Paamonim Director, explained: "We are in an important period of a general awakening to the public's economic abilities, and especially that of the middle class. This is the time to strengthen the young generation that is forming and building its home." 
Paamonim says has been attuned to the middle class's economic woes for years. Its courses and workshops assist individuals, families and groups in avoiding financial pitfalls.
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