The Unity for Justice project has produced a new documentary film entitled "Rubashkin's Game Plan" shedding light on the chain of events leading up to the imprisonment of meat-packing executive Sholom Rubashkin. The trailer was sent by them to INN and appears here.

Online Trailer: Rubashkin's Game Plan

A father of ten with no previous convictions, the 52 year old Rubashkin was sentenced to 27 years in Federal Prison on charges of bank fraud after defaulting on loans after his funds were frozen pursuant to the Federal investigation into child labor violations Rubashkin was acquitted of, and immigration related charges the prosecution declined to pursue.

A number of prominent attorneys in the US, including Kenneth Starr, former Attorney General Janet Reno, and Alan Dershowitz, filed an open letter to the judge stating that the life-sentence recommendation is "disproportionate and shocking."

The 2009 sentence, widely regarded as unduly harsh for a first time non-violent offender, incensed thousands who followed the case. According to the film's producers these voices of unity have since come together not only to show Rubashkin their support, but also to rally for justice.

Producer Danny Finkelman, critically acclaimed cinematographer Mauricio Arena, and their dedicated team, said they were motivated by the huge response to the injustice against a fellow Jew to make the film.

The creative team says the film is the result of many months of in depth research, and delving deeply into case studies and observations about the Rubashkin case in order to provide people with a deeper understanding of what happened to Shalom Rubashkin.

The film will have an expected running time of eighty minutes and will be released in July.