Flotilla Israel news photo: Flash 90

A Lebanese businessman has called to throw the Jews “back to their true countries.”

In a recent interview on the Hizbullah terror group's Al-Manar television network which was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Yasser Qashlaq, a journalist who also heads the Free Palestine Movement, said: “The natural place for [Ehud] Barak is Poland, and the natural place for that idiot, Netanyahu, is Moscow, while the natural place for me is Safed [Tzfat -ed.].”

Qashlaq goes on to say, “I would like to say to Ben-Gurion: You little boy, tomorrow, my little son will stomp on your grave. He will deport your remains to your true country in Europe, and we will return.

“Like Imam Khomeini said, back in the day, if each of us were to spit, we would drown out all five million of them,” he continues. “The number of Jews – those human pieces of filth – in my land equals one third of the people of the Nasr City neighborhood in Cairo.”

Qashlaq concludes by saying, “Netanyahu, who says that the Right of Return should be resolved outside Israel, should resolve his own problem by returning to his homeland, Moscow. These are human pieces of filth. Even Balfour, when he got carried away, and gave my land to those Jews, said that he was doing so to get rid of them. They brought us those pieces of filth, and we should throw them back to their countries.”

Qashlaq provided the main funding to a Lebanese flotilla which had planned last June to set sail towards Gaza and break the Israeli naval blockade on the Strip.

It was later reported that the flotilla had been delayed or even canceled, possibly due to warnings from Israel and the United States against the attempts to break the blockade on the Hamas terror group which governs in Gaza.

Qashlaq’s latest statements are not the first time he has called Israelis to leave Israel. In a June, 2010 interview, also on Al-Manar TV, he said, “Board the ship we are sending you, and return to your countries. Don’t be misled by the Arab leaders or the moderate camp. You will never be able to make peace with us. Our children will return [to Palestine]. There is no reason for coexistence. Even if some of our leaders or regimes sign [peace] with you – we will never sign. Do not be misled by these regimes. Return to your countries.”