Missile strike on Gaza terrorists
Missile strike on Gaza terrorists Israel news photo: Flash 90

Four terrorists were wounded in IAF air strikes before dawn Thursday morning as Israeli fighter jets attacked three targets in Gaza in retaliation for a Kassam rocket attack launched from the region Wednesday.

The F-16 warplanes fired missiles at a Hamas police station in northern Gaza City, a training camp for Hamas terrorists and an empty area south of the city, according to media sources.

Israel has vowed to respond to any rocket or mortar attack emanating from the region, but generally restricts its retaliation to a proportional response.

No terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for Wednesday's Kassam rocket attack in which two missiles reached southern Israel. One struck the security fence, and the second one landed in an open agricultural field. No one was wounded in the attack.

The number of rocket attacks from Gaza has dropped drastically since Israel's three-week counter terror Operation Cast Lead conducted December 27, 2008 to January 20, 2009. Nevertheless, at least 160 rockets and mortar rounds have been fired at southern Israeli civilians from the Hamas-ruled region since January 2010 despite a declared ceasefire.

More than 440 rockets and mortar rounds have been fired at Israel by Hamas terrorists in Gaza since the end of Operation Cast Lead.