Muslim women in veil
Muslim women in veil Israel news photo

“Jihad Jane,” who last week pleaded not guilty to charges of terrorism, is one of approximately 40 native Americans in a growing U.S. Jihad movement that is “as American as apple pie,” says a native American terror fugitive.

Anwar al-Awlaqi boasted that Jihad Jane, a resident of Pennsylvania and born as Colleen LaRose, helped “shatter whatever trust was left in the value of profiling” by allegedly trying to recruit Muslim terrorists to murder a Swedish cartoonist who mocked the prophet Mohammed.

The SITE Intelligence Group reported that al-Awlaqi said Jihad Jane was "a blond, blue-eyed, small framed, middle-aged female. It couldn't get any further from your typical terrorist profile."

Also known as “Fatima Rose,” LaRose is one of at least 30 American citizens charged with terrorism-related acts over the past year, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

"Western jihad is here to stay [and] is becoming as American as apple pie and as British as afternoon tea," warned Awlaqi, an American-Yemeni cleric.

He has been considered to be one of the terrorists who influenced the 9/11 airplane hijackers who crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. He also was in email contact with U.S. army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan who gunned down 13 soldiers and others in November.

“Jihad is not being imported but is being homegrown," Awlaqi’s message continued.

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