Watch: Amir Benayoun & daughter sing alongside terror victims

Celebrity singer Amir Benayoun and daughter Naomi join OneFamily Fund org for victims of Arab terror in touching performance of 'The Storm.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Amir Benayoun
Amir Benayoun
Flash 90

OneFamily Fund, a non-profit supporting families affected by terror and war partnered with famous Israeli singer and songwriter, Amir Benayoun, alongside his child protégé daughter Naomi, to remake the video of his 2015 hit song “Sufa" - "The Storm."

The new version of the song is dedicated to Israel’s terror victims, some of whom join Amir and Naomi in the video released just in time for their worldwide fundraising campaign in support of these precious individuals - young and old.

Among the bereaved families in the video are Roi Fogel – whose parents and three siblings were brutally murdered in their Samaria home in March of 2011 and Sivan Ohayon – whose husband, Rabbi Shay Ohayon, was murdered by an Arab terrorist in Petah Tikva this past August. Benayoun and his daughter volunteered for the project and helped produce the video.

For those of us who've never experienced the nightmare that terror survivors cope with every second of their lives, the song provides a tiny glimpse into the emotional struggle experienced by these brave souls, and the extraordinary pain and suffering we can't begin to comprehend - the feeling of being overcome with unmanageable grief.

Terror survivors suffer for years after the headlines disappear from the day's news. The current COVID crisis has exacerbated their preexisting conditions. Terror victims’ needs have risen drastically. Unlike the Corona, there is no treatment for terror, and victims will suffer the consequences that were in no part their making for the rest of their lives.

“There is no Vaccine for their pain. Now more than ever, stepping up for victims of terror," they sing...