PM: I hear your distress, we will distribute grants

PM Netanyahu presents plan to give grants to families due to financial harm caused by corona crisis.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu presents grant plan for Israeli citizens
Netanyahu presents grant plan for Israeli citizens
Kobi Gideon, GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced tonight that he intends to give citizens a monetary grant within days as part of efforts to deal with the corona crisis.

"We are in the middle of summer but the corona clouds cover many countries in the world. The second wave has already reached us and we are fighting it with determination and unity," Netanyahu began.

"The approach that guides us is to take health steps and at the same time economic measures. Health measures that will help us save your life, citizens of Israel, and economic measures that will take on the distress that many of you are facing. I hear your distress, you are not alone."

Netanyahu detailed the grant amounts. "Tonight I announce a complementary step that we have decided on - additional financial support for all Israeli citizens. This is a step that is in addition to the economic plan we made a week ago."

"A family of two parents with one child will receive a grant of NIS 2,000, a family with two children will receive NIS 2,500 and a family with three or more children will receive a NIS 3,000 grant. All other citizens over the age of 18 will receive NIS 750 per person."

The Prime Minister stated that "Most Israeli citizens will receive the money within days. I am sure I will receive the support of Benny Gantz and others so that we can make do with a government decision. If we are required to legislate this grant, I expect all factions to support it so we can transfer the money to you, the citizens, quickly."