'Am Yisrael Chai': A letter to Netanyahu

Family whose sons were among Israelis brought back from Peru in special operation pen thank-you letter.

Nitzan Keidar ,

El Al rescue flight from Peru
El Al rescue flight from Peru
Sivan Pereg

The Yisrael family, two of whose sons returned to Israel as part of the special operation to bring back Israelis who were stranded in Peru, wrote a thank-you note that reached the Prime Minister's Office.

The letter, addressed to Prime Minister Netanyahu, Cabinet Secretary Tzachi Braverman and Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz, reads, "I would like to thank you in my name and that of my family for the care, support, concern and return of Benny Tzuriel Chai and Ariel, among all the hundreds of Israelis who were stuck in Peru, for a rescue operation the likes of which have not been seen in Israel and around the world, for a welcome decision and for the success of the operation."

"You moved us. We know we are in good hands, there are those who care about us, and we believe and trust that you will also succeed in bringing back the other Israelis who are in countries that are closing their skies and be sure to bring them back to us as soon as possible," the letter reads.

It concludes with the words, "Every child is ours. The People of Israel lives [Am Yisrael Chai]."