Likud primaries:
Likud Minister: Netanyahu's victory is not guaranteed

'It's not enough to click 'like' on Facebook or attend conferences,' Science Minister Akunis says. 'You have to go out and vote.'

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Sa'ar coterie votes in stormy Likud primaries
Sa'ar coterie votes in stormy Likud primaries
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Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis spoke to Arutz Sheva about the Likud primaries campaign initiated by Likud MK Gideon Sa'ar.

"Competition in a democratic party is healthy and good and the one who initiated it is Binyamin Netanyahu himself," Akunis told Arutz Sheva. "Recently, I've been pained to hear arguments from Sa'ar's headquarters that serve as fuel for the left-wing camp's campaign in general and of Blue and White in particular. This is disturbing. It's fine to wage a campaign but to provide fuel to the rival campaign on the left is unnecessary."

Akunis called on Likud officials to come out and vote and said Netanyahu's victory is not guaranteed. "In order to take advantage of the democratic process, Likud members must go out and vote for Netanyahu. If anyone thinks Netanyahu's victory is guaranteed - that's not true. It's not enough to click 'like' on Facebook or attend conferences. You have to go out and vote."

Ofir Akunis
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"The inclement weather is working against us because a low voter turnout will decrease the gap between Netanyahu and Sa'ar, and we want to a large gap to show the opposition that the Likud is standing behind Netanyahu."

Akunis believes that the entire party will stand behind whichever leader will be elected. "The Likud will be completely united and tomorrow we start the real struggle, the struggle for the land of Israel. Either the left will win and establish a government with the Joint Arab List or a government of the national camp will be established."

The percentage of voters in the primaries as of noon on Thursday was 8.2%.