Protest in Jerusalem:
'We will not stand on the sidelines while children are tortured'

Protest against arrest of 5 youths suspected in security incident and prevented from meeting lawyer takes place in Paris Square.

Hezki Baruch , | updated: 22:02

Demonstration in Jerusalem
Demonstration in Jerusalem

About 1,000 people are demonstrating this evening, Saturday, opposite the home of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in protest of the arrest of the Jewish youths by the Shin Bet.

The demonstration sees the participation of Rabbi Yehuda Gilad, the head of the Ma'aleh Gilboa yeshiva and former Labor Party MK; Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council; Yisrael Gantz, head of the Binyamin Regional Council; Eliyahu Liebman, head of Kiryat Arba regional council, rabbis and other public figures.

Yossi Dagan said at the demonstration, "We will not accept human rights violations, human rights are intended for people who are detained on such suspicions. This is where the rule of law system is tested, right at this point, and at the moment it is failing the test. It cannot be that mafiosos who fire missiles on houses in Netanya, pedophiles and child murderers are entitled to a meeting with an attorney, while children aged 15 from a yeshiva in Judea and Samaria are not entitled to a lawyer.”

“It is the function and duty of law enforcement and police to investigate this incident. But all this must happen while safeguarding the human rights and the rights of detainees, and certainly minors. That is why we came here to make a clear statement to the prime minister, the justice minister and the internal security minister in charge of this system. We demand your immediate intervention in this crime and trampling on the rights of our residents and children.”

“I want to make it clear that we will not sit on the sidelines while our rights are violated. We will not stand aside while they torture children and deny their rights. I call on anyone who considers himself a fighter for human rights not to stand aside when this crime is committed in broad daylight."

Rabbi Ohad Krakover, the rabbi of Kochav Hashahar, called to remove the authority from the “Jewish Department” of the Shin Bet security service. "They gave these madmen powers and they do not know how to use them," said the rabbi.