Muslim who planned stabbing attack charged

Suleiman Kafisha from Hevron accused of planning to stab Jew wearing skullcap in Jerusalem, caught before he could carry out plot.

Mordechai Sones ,

Knife threat
Knife threat

The Jerusalem District Prosecutor's Office today filed an indictment in the Jerusalem District Court against Suleiman Kafisha, 26, from Hevron for offenses of preparing a terrorist act of murder, illegal entry into Israel, and carrying a knife.

According to the indictment at the beginning of August the defendant decided to carry out a suicide attack with a nationalistic motive in the Old City of Jerusalem, where he intended to murder a Jew wearing a skullcap.

For this purpose he equipped with a folding knife with a fixed blade about 10 cm long and a pepper gas canister, intending to locate a suitable victim, first spray him with pepper gas and stab him in the neck or back while he could not defend himself.

The indictment also revealed that on August 8 the defendant left Hevron for Jerusalem carrying a bag containing a change of clothes where he hid the knife and pepper gas. Before leaving the defendant returned the cell phone he borrowed from his brother and threw the SIM card into the trash so he could not be located.

The defendant also traveled from Hevron to the village of a-Zaim, where he entered Israel through a breach in the fence, taking a taxi to the Old City of Jerusalem. At about 21:00 the defendant arrived at the Old City, where he wandered for about two hours, holding the plastic bag in his hand and looking for a suitable time and opportunity to carry out his plan.

After about two hours of walking through the streets of the Old City, the defendant decided to postpone the attack to the following day, and searched for a place to sleep during the night. He aroused suspicion of policemen standing nearby and tried to escape. After a chase he was arrested and caught with the knife.