Haley: UN made a 'morally bankrupt judgment'

U.S. Ambassador blasts General Assembly after it approved a resolution condemning Israel over Gaza.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, blasted the UN General Assembly on Wednesday night after it voted to condemn Israel over its actions in Gaza.

“In the face of Hamas terrorists routinely inciting violence, firing over a hundred rockets into Israeli communities, and even attacking the crossing point that brings humanitarian supplies into Gaza, today the UN made the morally bankrupt judgment that the recent Gaza violence is all Israel’s fault,” said Haley in a statement.

“It is no wonder,” she continued, “that no one takes the UN seriously as a force for Middle East peace. But the common practice of turning a blind eye to the UN’s anti-Israel bias is changing. Today, a plurality of 62 countries voted in favor of the U.S.-led effort to address Hamas’s responsibility for the disastrous conditions in Gaza. We had more countries on the right side than the wrong side.”

“By their votes, those countries recognized that peace will only be achieved when realities are recognized, including Israel’s legitimate security interests, and the need to end Hamas’ terrorism,” concluded Haley.

Israel’s UN Ambassador, Danny Danon, also responded to the approval of the anti-Israel resolution.

“The hypocrisy of the General Assembly knows no bounds as anti-Israel elements deceitfully blocked the condemnation of Hamas, a murderous terrorist organization. This was a badge of shame for the UN,” said Danon.

“Thanks to the combined efforts with our American friends and our allies from around the world, we proved today that the automatic majority against Israel in the UN is not destiny and can be changed,” he added.

The anti-Israel resolution, sponsored by Turkey and Algeria, was adopted by a majority of 120 countries which voted in favor. Eight countries voted against the resolution and 45 abstained in the 193-nation assembly.

A bid by the United States to present an amendment to the resolution condemning Hamas for the violence was approved by a majority of 62 countries which voted in favor, 58 against and 42 abstaining.

However, the President of the General Assembly rejected the amendment on the grounds that it did not obtain the required two-thirds majority in order to pass.

During the discussion which preceded the vote, Haley sharply criticized the General Assembly for continuing to single out Israel.

“What makes Gaza different is that attacking Israel is their favorite political sport. The resolution is one sided, makes not one mention of Hamas which routinely initiates violence,” she said.

“At what point will the UN hold Hamas accountable for what is happening in Gaza? It is Hamas and its allies who have fired more than 100 rockets into Israel in the last month. Hamas calls for the destruction of Israel in any borders. The resolution fails to mention Hamas. There is still chance for this body to right this wrong. The U.S. is offering an amendment that provides a small step in the direction of balance,” continued Haley.