Liberman: A festival of hypocrisy

Foreign Minister speaks after 9 Gazans killed in riots at Gaza border fence.

Uzi Baruch ,

Liberman: A celebration of hypocrisy
Liberman: A celebration of hypocrisy
צילום: דובר צה"ל

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman addressed yesterday's violent riots at the Gaza border fence Saturday night.

"The Passover holiday, which ends at this hour, was one of the quietest and safest we have known in recent years. Our preparations at the Gaza border have proven themselves, and the Israeli people owe great thanks to the thousands of IDF soldiers, Shin Bet and police officers who worked very hard and thwarted any attempt to challenge us," Liberman said.

"Hamas sends terrorists under the guise of civilians to attack our sovereignty, but the world presents this terror parade as a civil protest. This is a festival of hypocrisy. Over the weekend, Assad massacred 48 civilians, including 8 children and 6 women. The UN secretary-general did not call for a commission of inquiry, the Security Council did not convene, the Arab League ignored it, and the BBC, of ​​course, did not see or hear anything," he added.

The death toll in the demonstrations in the Gaza Strip against the security fence rose to nine Saturday, with the deaths of two of the injured, including Yasser Murtha, shot in the stomach near Khan Yunis and who Arab sources claim was a journalist.

A total of 1,356 people were injured, 35 of them seriously, according to a statement issued last night. 399 of them hit by live ammunition, 16 by rubber bullets, 143 suffered injuries from gas inhalation and 25 were struck by shrapnel.