Israeli music star won’t rally for soldier

Day after announcing performance in Tel Aviv rally for Hevron soldier, Eyal Golan and David D'Or cancel appearance.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Eyal Golan
Eyal Golan
Yaakov Lederman/Flash 90

The popular singer Eyal Golan has canceled his appearance at the rally in support of the soldier who shot a terrorist. The event is to be held on Tuesday at Tel Aviv's iconic Rabin Square.

Golan first announced on Sunday that he will come to the rally "to support the soldier and his family” together with leading Israeli singer David D'Or as well as rap star Kobi Shimoni, better known by his stage name Subliminal.

However, Golan decided to cancel his performance saying he never meant to go against the Israel Defense Forces' chief or the military.

"Yesterday I decided to come, to support the soldier and embrace his family. I never intended to come out against the IDF Chief of Staff, whom I highly respect. I never wanted to come out against the IDF, the people's army," Golan wrote on his Facebook page.

"I received dozens of appeals from people like me who, on one hand, care about the soldier, and on the other see the state and the army as guiding lights. As a result, I decided to cancel my participation in the rally tomorrow."

D'Or also released a statement on Monday saying that while he wanted to express empathy toward the family, he is not a "political person" and was unaware of the event's political nature. D’Or further explained that he "can't attend anyway" due to a conflicting performance.

Israel rap star Subliminal was still scheduled to perform as of Monday afternoon.