Terrorist's family buys a new villa on donations

IDF just recently demolished home of Muhannad Halabi who murdered 2, but now his family has bought a mansion on money raised for them.

Ari Yashar ,

Muhannad Halabi's funeral
Muhannad Halabi's funeral
Flash 90

The family of Muhannad Halabi, the Arab terrorist who murdered two Israelis in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City in early October, bought a new villa north of Ramallah in Samaria on Tuesday.

The new villa was bought with money donated by the Palestinian public in honor of the murderer. The purchase comes despite the fact that back on January 9 the IDF demolished the terrorist's home in El-Bireh, a full three months after the attack, and banned the family from rebuilding it.

Halabi, a law student at Al-Quds University and member of Islamic Jihad, brutally murdered Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Banita, seriously wounded Banita's wife and likewise wounded his 2-year-old son before being shot dead.

He has become a hero for the Palestinian Authority (PA), which has named a soccer tournament and a road after him in addition to other honors including an honorary law degree.

His family's new mansion was bought in the Al-Basateen neighborhood of Abu Qash north of Ramallah, according to Walla.

The massive villa is 360 square meters spanning two storeys, and is located on a 600 square meter plot of land. It is registered in the land registry under the name of the terrorist's father Shafik, who signed off on it on Tuesday.

The villa cost 124,000 dinars (around 661,000 shekels or $173,000), of which 24,000 dinars has already been paid.

The money was raised by a Palestinian campaign for the various terrorists who have murdered Israelis and had their homes demolished. The campaign collected donations directly from the public by placing collection boxes on the streets of Palestinian towns and cities. Within several weeks the campaign had raised millions of shekels.