Teen terror girl foiled in Jerusalem knifing

Police ask 14-year-old Arab terrorist to take hand out of her pocket, only to find a massive knife - not to mention what was in her bag.

Ari Yashar ,

The terrorist's knives
The terrorist's knives
Police Spokesperson Unit

Police forces on Monday afternoon had their suspicions aroused by a 14-year-old female Palestinian Arab near the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem's Old City.

The officers approached her to conduct a security check, noticing that her hand was in her pocket.

They asked her to pull her hand out of her pocket, and when she did so they discovered that she had a large knife in her hand.

The officers were able to wrestle the knife away from her and arrest the terrorist before she was able to conduct a stabbing attack.

In her bag an additional knife was found.

Damascus Gate has proven to be a hot spot for Arab terror attacks. Just hours earlier on late Sunday night, two Arab terrorists attempted to conduct a shooting attack at the site, but Border Police officers got the drop on them and shot them dead.

It was revealed that one of the two terrorists was a Palestinian Authority (PA) Security Force member, making him at least the third PA policemen to conduct an attack in the current terror wave.

Sunday night's shooting attempt was a repeat of an attack two weeks ago on Wednesday, when three terrorists armed with sub-machine guns, bombs and knives opened fire on security personnel at the Damascus Gate, killing female Border Police officer Hadar Cohen before being eliminated.