Terrorist Transfer Begins; Supreme Court Rests

Still no answer from Supreme Court regarding legality of terrorist release; the Israeli Police has already begun transfers.

Tova Dvorin ,

Previous terrorist prisoner release, 2007
Previous terrorist prisoner release, 2007
Flash 90

The release of 26 terrorists from Ofer prison has already begun, despite reports that the Supreme Court is still at recess in the midst of hearings regarding its legality.

Israel's Supreme Court convened a hearing today (Tuesday) regarding a petition from the "Almagor" organization for terrorist victims and their families against the Palestinian Arab terrorist release and have taken a recess. 

The recess was called as state officials delayed a response to the justices' queries. The Court had asked whether the terrorist release had to proceed at midnight tonight (Tuesday), or whether the state can postpone the release until the completion of proper legal proceedings. Additional inquiries were made in regard to the conclusions of the 1995 Shamgar Commission, particularly those regarding the official policy for prisoner exchanges. 

The petitioners urged the court to consider that "releasing murderers with blood on their hands, even for the advancement of the State, constitutes a distinct lack of morality and is a fatal blow to a society founded on ethics and law." 

If the petition is accepted, the terrorist release of Palestinian Arab criminals from Ofer Prison to their homes scheduled for tonight will be postponed. This is the second release out of four scheduled, with a total of 104 terrorists scheduled to be returned to the Palestinian Authority. 

The issue still remains undecided. Despite this, IPS vehicles are already transferring 5 terrorists to the Erez crossing into Gaza, reports say. The prisoners will be given time to prepare near the entrance to Gaza, and are scheduled to cross into the Hamas-controlled territory at midnight.