Iran Shows Off New Anti-Ship Missile

Tehran has unveiled a new domestically-made cruise missile, which has a range of 124 miles and can destroy a warship, Iran claims.

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A-Jad's New Ride
A-Jad's New Ride
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Tehran has put on display a new domestically-made cruise missile, which it says has a range of 124 miles and is capable of destroying a warship, Iran's

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attended a ceremony Tuesday that showed off the weapon, dubbed "Ghader," or "Capable" in Farsi.

"We don't want to use military power for domination but we want to deter aggressions and injustices because our defensive policy is different from those who intend to conquer lands and loot (other) communities," Ahmadinejad said, addressing a ceremony held to unveil three new defense industry achievements in Tehran on Tuesday.

"The best deterrent is not allowing the enemy to dare to attack the country," he noted.

"Our deterrence policy should assure enemies of our crushing response so that the enemy would not come to the conclusion that it can wage an attack (against Iran)," Ahmadinejad added.

Critics, however, note Ahmadinijad's frequent bombastic threats of massive retaliation in the event of an attack on Iran - especially by Israel and the United States - is tantamount to open belligerence and serves as diplomatic aggression on the part of the Islamic Republic.

Iran has an array of short and medium-range ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets in the region, including Israel and US military bases in the Gulf.

Iranian state TV says the Ghadar can travel at low altitudes and has a lighter weight and smaller dimensions.

In 2010, Tehran displayed other Iranian-made cruise missiles but with a shorter range