Barghouti Bails

Marwan Barghouti is the Arab flip-flop candidate for the available "Chairman of Terror", or so-called "presidential" position, at the Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization (PA/PLO).

Gary Fitleberg

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In or out. What is it going to be? Marwan Barghouti is the Arab flip-flop candidate for the available "Chairman of Terror", or so-called "presidential" position, at the Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization (PA/PLO).

One small problem.

Barghouti remains behind bars. Barghouti is currently serving five consecutive life sentences as a convicted killer, for his role in ethnic cleansing genocide, mass murder and mayhem as one of the chief terrorists behind his mentor Yasser Arafat's Al-Aksa Intifada. He was head of the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade and Tanzim. His bloody campaign of hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence continued even at trial, which he used as a public forum to spew his anti-Jew rhetoric and for his vitriolic behavior. Now, with the current "democratic" election for known terrorists, he has used the public forum, like his mentor Arafat, to act out all his aggressions against Israel and the Jewish people.

Less than two weeks after declaring his candidacy, he abandoned his bid for "Chairman of Terror", according to his campaign manager, under political pressure from Fatah politburo politicos. Ahmed Ghneim announced at a press conference in the city of Ramallah, where Arafat had his Mukata headquarters/jail cell, that Barghouti threw in the towel in the race for the ruler of human disgrace.

Barghouti, through his campaign manager and mouthpiece, seized the campaign opportunity, even in withdrawing, to incite the masses against Israel and the Jewish people, sending a message of instruction. Ghneim read a three page letter, or missive for murder and mayhem, in which he called on Mahmoud Abbas to hold fast to Arafat's ideals (if one can call them that), such as the so-called "right of return" of Arabs to the Jewish State of Israel. That "right" of those who were allegedly expelled or fled from their homes (at the beckoning of the Arab band of thieves, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, who told them they would be welcomed back after the Jews were cast into the sea). Barghouti called on Abbas to continue the so-called struggle to liberate the land from "occupation" (despite the fact that the "Holy Land" or "Promised Land" belongs to the Children of Israel Biblically, historically, morally, politically and rightfully).

Barghouti also urged efforts to stop the building of the separation barrier and security fence against terrorism, and to stop the Jewish "right of return" to their G-d-given Land, degradingly called "settlements" in an effort to delegitimize that right publicly. That delegitimization is part of a very successful lie, myth and perpetual political propaganda ploy asserting an independent and separate Arab "Palestine" and an Arab "Palestinian" people. Of course, the only Arab "Palestine" that may be claimed legally, potentially, is Jordan, formerly Transjordan, which was a political concession and gift from the British during the Palestine Mandate for a Jewish homeland as per the Balfour Declaration.

Barghouti also implored Abbas to defend the "rights" of Arab "Palestinian" terrorists still in Israeli jails. I wonder why.

Barghouti wants a revamping of the movement's leadership, which he stated has grown "old, weak and alienated." In other words, he wants Abbas out because he considers him too conciliatory with the Israelis. Last but not least, he called for measures to fight corruption in the Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization, rampant under Arafat. When he was on the receiving end of the funds earmarked for "humanitarian aid" rather than to support terrorism, he was not calling for such measures.

Barghouti's withdrawal from the election appears to clear the way for Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a. Abu Mazen, as the new "Chairman of Terror" candidate of the dominant Fatah faction, heir to Arafat's rule and throne. Already, Abbas issued a campaign commitment to support traditional terrorist tactics and "Palestinian" positions, which include the creation of a second Arab "Palestine" with Jerusalem as its capital and the "right of return " for refugees.

Barghouti's manifesto and missive was, he wrote, to advance a message of resistance against Israel. His campaign speech still hasn't changed. Neither has his concession speech.

Bargouti's withdrawal marks the apparent end of his on again, off again campaign of hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence. Bargouti appears to do the hokey pokey right straight from his own Israeli pokey.

Bargouti's bid for election is over. At least for now. Will he be back in the race or will he face disgrace? Time will tell. We'll see.