Barghouti is Back

Barghouti is back again. Like Yasser Arafat. Like a bad smell that won't go away.

Gary Fitleberg

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Barghouti is back again. Like Yasser Arafat. Like a bad smell that won't go away.

Marwan Barghouti is back in the race. Although he is a disgrace to the human race, he is throwing his hat in the Arab "Palestinian" ring in a bid for election to the position of Arafat's replacement of "Chairman of Terror" of the Fatah. Jailed mass murderer Marwan Barghouti changed his mind and decided to run for the PA/PLO "presidency", which is ironic and moronic considering that there is no independent Arab "Palestine" yet.

Representatives for Barghouti, who is serving five life sentences in Israel for orchestrating terrorist attacks, filed papers last Wednesday for the January 9th election. The move came days after fellow Fatah faction members dissuaded Barghouti from running out of concern that he would hurt the prospects of frontrunner Mahmoud Abbas, a former PA/PLO prime minister. Israeli officials ruled out any early release for Barghouti even if he is elected president.

Israel will never, ever release to the streets of terrorism a convicted killer with the reputation and stature of a Marwan Barghouti.

Behind bars, his campaign of hatred, incitement, violence and terrorism reached a new resurgence as a role model and symbol for terrorism and terrorists. As an Arafat disciple, he learned the "tricks of the trade" of terrorism quite well. He was head of the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade and Tanzim, two so-called "security services" of Arafat's Fatah-controlled and dominated, and morally bankrupt, PA/PLO organization. Attacks by bombing, shooting and other means were part of his trade. Murder and Mayhem, Inc.

Imagine if Barghouti wins his campaign. The election bid and win by Barghouti sure presents some interesting, if not sick and twisted, possibilities.

Will he have his "presidential palace" in an Israeli jail cell? That's much like the Mukata headquarters of the mastermind of murder and Barghouti mentor, Yasser Arafat.

Who will be in his cabinet? Former Prime Minister Mahmoud "Abu Mazen" Abbas, who resigned under pressure as puppet of the mastermind of murder and mayhem, Yasser Arafat? Abbas was himself one of the masterminds of the Munich Olympic Massacre. Yet, in political circles, he is called a moderate. With moderates like these, we certainly don't need the evil, fanatical fundamentalists. Abbas also wrote a dissertation that the Holocaust was a hoax. Well, maybe PM no. 2, Mr. Ahmed Qurei?

Will Barghouti abide by the terms of the proposed Middle East peace plan known as the "Road Map", renouncing and stopping terrorism? In your dreams.

Who will President George W. Bush then be forced to negotiate with politically? A mastermind and mentor of mass murderer? A convicted felon? A terrible terrorist?

American leader of democracy and freedom, who has sworn that he will never, ever negotiate with terrorists - and who largely ignored Arafat at the end of his career as a corrupt dictator of a ruthless, repressive regime - would be faced with going face-to-face with a two-faced terrorist.

Will world leaders and VIPs visit Barghouti in jail? Will Arab League nations send their representatives of state-supported terrorism to plan the next maneuvers in the perpetual political propaganda ploy of the fictional Arab "Palestine"? Will Barghouti become the latest, greatest cause celebre, corrupt dictator and mobster?

Marwan Barghouti is considered by CNN to be a "moderate", like his mentor, mass murderer Arafat. Again, with a "moderate" like Arafat or Barghouti, we do not need the extremist fanatical fundamentalists.

Barghouti is nothing less or more than a mafia mobster of Murder, Inc.

Why would the world need or want Barghouti? Who would believe a convicted felon can run for political office as president? Who could imagine a "president" or "prime minister" of a fictional Arab "Palestine"?

Is it a dream? No, it is a nightmare.

Apparently, the moral compass of the world has not changed despite the death of Arafat, one of the most corrupt dictators, human rights violators, mass murderers and smartest criminals in the history of mankind. Barghouti is being considered a "presidential candidate" or heir to the throne of terror. "Chairman of Terror" would be the more accurate, correct and honest title for the available position with the world-famous terrorist organization, the Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization, which survives and thrives on terrorism.

Barghouti is behind bars as a convicted killer serving five consecutive life sentences for all of his killings, mass murder, mayhem and terrorism. Barghouti must remain behind bars, where he rightfully belongs, unless Israel should give him a justly deserved death penalty, which he has inflicted on innocent individuals.

By holding a so-called democratic election for the world to absolve its collective conscience "aiding and abetting" the morally bankrupt (but not financially bankrupt) terrorist organization, the PA/PLO, the whole world legitimizes and encourages terrorism. It is a terrible shame and tragedy that the world refuses to admit its mistake and speak the truth.