Truth and Consequences

"EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!" the bold, three-inch black letters proclaimed, "SHARON'S INGENUITY WILL BRING PEACE!"

Isaac Kohn,

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לבן ריק
Arutz 7
The headlines in the morning papers 'shouted' out the phenomenal news.

"EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!" the bold, three-inch black letters proclaimed, "SHARON'S INGENUITY WILL BRING PEACE!"

The newspapers were grabbed like hot cakes out of the oven, as the general public's curiosity seemed to explode in their rush to read all of the details - bus riders, taxi and train passengers, drivers waiting for the light to change, merchants in their market stall, pedestrians. It seems that the world is suddenly standing still. As millions of eyes carefully scanned every written word, even the birds stopped the chirping lest it disturb the all-engulfing anxiety. The collective heart, it seems, stopped its beating lest the 'peace plan's' meaning be misunderstood.

Sh? shhhhh....

Mr. Sharon, you are either insane, a liar or both. Plain, simple and to the point. I do not believe a word you say. I do not believe that your scheme of shameful retreat in the face of the ongoing terror by uprooting and expelling Jews from their ancestral homeland has anything to do with bringing security to the State of Israel. I do not believe, Mr. Sharon, that the sudden shift in your mind and thinking has anything to do with Israel's well-being. Her security is not foremost in your asinine plans and hysterical push for Israel to commit self-destruction and suicide. And I do not believe that your sanity is still intact.

I believe, Mr. Sharon, that your self-importance and conceited self-promotion has grabbed you tightly in its tentacles to the point of choking reality from your ego-infected mind. I believe that you, the former hero, have metamorphosed into an Israeli version of Benedict Arnold. I believe, sincerely believe, that your sudden plunge into the dirty and filthy waters of Israeli leftism is tied, connected and intertwined with the monetary shenanigans in which your sons are implicated. The stink floating around the allegations that your hands, too, are muddied with bribery and financial favors casts its putrid vapors across your precarious political career. Seeing how your name and career are quickly being dragged through the well-deserved dung heap, I believe, Mr. Sharon, that you would betray all that was considered sacrosanct in order to prevent that from happening. How sad it is that when push comes to shove, the well-being of your corrupt offspring has taken precedence over the well-being and security of the State f Israel.

No, Mr. Sharon. You can deceive the gullible public just so much. Your 'disengagement' plan is not a step towards the elusive peace. It will not reduce the terror or the number of its victims. Islam is sworn to eliminate Israel and complete Hitler's Final Solution. Your plan is ludicrous, dangerous and an invitation for increased murder. Those who supported you in your quest for the chair you occupy have been sorely deceived. No matter how you color your words, Mr. Sharon, the truth can not be hidden. The possibility of indictment hangs over your head like the guillotine's momentary fall. The esteemed military career is being drowned in the sewer of graft, deceit, dishonesty and corruption. Your nerves are coming apart at the seams for fear of what else may be found in your suddenly polluted morality. And the affliction manifests itself in your choleric impatience to sacrifice everything you once held dear.

What are you drinking, Mr. Sharon?

How, exactly, Mr. Sharon, is the disengagement/expulsion designed to "Reduce the number of future terror victims," as you so passionately proclaimed in your Yom HaZikaron statement? How does the surrender to terror eliminate that terror? When the anti-Semitic, Moslem world watches gleefully as the Jewish inhabitants are forced out of their homes and businesses, is that a step in the direction you stated? Handing the keys to the multitude of rabid Jew-haters constitutes a forward process of eliminating terror? Please explain to us illiterate, untrusting morons why these same Arabs murdered Jews long before Israel was created. Why are the cemeteries filled with thousands of terror victims murdered long before Israel liberated the territories and Gaza? Why, indeed?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! The self-hating devil is having a field day in witnessing the implosion building up in your administration. Sarcasm and loathing oozes out as one witnesses the lengths to which you and some of your spineless compatriots will go in order to retain their seats, income and flashy, new Volvos. You are insulting the very memory of those who gave their lives for the preservation of our land as they cry out in contempt and disgust at the unveiling of the new shameless, self-deceiving traitors. The ignominy of the ghetto mentality still so prevalent re-manifests itself in the ugly spectacle of the cowering Jew.

You may have created a new version of the game, but hiding behind the lies will not prevent you from ultimately facing the truth and its consequences.