I didn't attend the no hate, no fear rally - and stand by my choice

Legislation, education and voter registration are the ways to win the war on antisemitism, not singing and walking over a bridge.

Cindy Grosz

OpEds אלפים במחאה בניו יורק נגד האנטישמיות
אלפים במחאה בניו יורק נגד האנטישמיות

Yes, legislation and voter registration are the ways to win the war on antisemitism, not singing and walking over a bridge. Do you want proof?

“On March 27, 1933, Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish leaders, prominent politicians, and organized labor officials gave passionate speeches in front of a packed crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York City. During his address, Rabbi Wise pleaded for an immediate end to both the physical attacks and the discriminatory measures against German Jews. Similar anti-Nazi protests took place in more than 65 locations across the United States in the spring of 1933.

“What is happening in Germany today may happen tomorrow in any other land on earth unless it is challenged and rebuked. . . . We must speak out.” —Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, March 1933”

I found this from a website called Americans and The Holocaust, shared from United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s exhibit.

It didn’t work in 1933 and it won’t work in 2020.  That is why I didn’t attend the No Hate No Fear Rally in New York on Sunday, January 5th.

I was very wary of some progressive/liberal organizations involved in this rally. Leaders from Orthodox communities complained there was no outreach to participate in the rally.  Many of the organizations support BDS, sympathize with Palestinian Arabs over Israelis and support education systems that rewrite the history of the Jews, the Holocaust and Israel.  

I was also upset when I heard the very same elected Democrat elected officials that boycotted Netanyahu’s Speech in Congress, voted for the Iran Nuclear Deal, support the most vocal activists of BDS, support a two-state solution, refuse to recognize Judea and Samaria, refused to attend the opening of the Embassy In Jerusalem and refuse to recognize that President Obama interfered in both Israeli and American elections were welcomed. My friend, however, the highest ranking Jewish Republican-who hails from New York, Congressman Lee Zeldin, wasn’t invited.

Organizations like the Zionist Organization of America and the Republican Jewish Coalition sent out emails and encouraged members to attend.  They didn’t get a public thank you. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received a thank you via Twitter.  


The famous “No Hate No Fear” slogan is a progressive/Left rallying cry in many of the online posters.

Guess where www.nohatenofear.org redirects to.

Also, if this rally was a response to Jewish hate crimes, why wouldn’t the event have the words Jewish or antisemitic in its title?

I already attended two rallies this week where Democrat elected officials and political strategists addressed Russian interference in elections, white supremists and tweets were part of speeches. 

Honestly, this is not about Democrats, it’s not about Republicans.  It really isn’t about non-Jews at this point. Jews should be tackling this issue head on first.  They should be strategizing privately and not relying on others for help.  

Yes, thousands attended.  People flew in from all over the country.  But do we really know who all these people are?  Someone kept fighting with me on Facebook regarding a post.  We then spoke privately and this is what I found out about her.

“A few years ago there was that pro Palestinian march in N. Y. city about 500,000 turned out. I wanted to stand with Israel since I hopped a free ride on the #MidcoastPeaceNJustice bus. Not being tolerant of their cause, I pretended to be so excited but my excitement was for Israel.On the bus was surrounded by pro Palestinians and Cindy Sheehan wanna bees. We stopped in N.H. to pick up a group of college kids. When they heard all the pro Palestinian coaching going on they replied their parents were FNC watchers and were confused. I overheard them and invited them to march with us. When we got to N.Y. I put on my son’s military camos was the Kenyan was the last , unrolled all my fluorescent proIsraeli signs.and flags. I shared them with my new college town friends and marched 5 blocks amongst thousands of burqa clad Muslims chanting for Palestine. I wasn’t born a Jew but was raised Catholic.”

Is this the audience we really want?  How many more were like her in the audience?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Shortly after the completion of the stage program, The New York Post published that Mayor de Blasio intervened in the prosecution of an accused antisemitic attacker — leading to her lock-up in a psych ward — because she was generating negative publicity for his administration.

One of the Jewish attendees posted on Facebook that he was attacked on a subway going home.  A man saw him with his yamulke and started yelling F*** The Jews. He reached for his cell phone to record it and she threatened to punch him.  Police were called.

Many people attacked me for not attending, including many Instagram influencers.  Funny, I heard many times before today that they distanced themselves from getting involved in politics for fear it would hurt their business.  Today, they tagged the very people that are indirectly responsible for the current climate of Jew hate.

What these people really need to do is educate themselves.  Few have ideas who represents them. Many aren’t registered to vote.  They have no idea how many laws went into affect January 1st not know how their tax dollars are being spent.

Rallies and protests don’t work.  I wrote about it here last October:

Let’s revisit this discussion in one month and let’s see all the actions taken by those elected officials to punish hate crime instigators, respect police so that they respond to hate crimes and respect school choice and factual education in our schools.

You many to end anti-Semitism and Israel bashing— storm politicians offices routinely and demand change.  Lead Jewish Voter Registration Drives!!! You’ll see results very face-especially with the 2020 elections coming up and President Trump keeps gaining ground and it will trickle down in seats unexpectedly.

I hope I am wrong about today— but if I was a betting girl, I would put the chips on me.


Cindy Grosz is an Advisor for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.  She created the National Jewish Voter Registration Drive. She is also the Long Island Chair for Jews Choose Trump. She has been acknowledged as the Jewish Patriot Award recipient from the Queens County GOP and has received multiple Aishes Chayil awards from Jewish Organizations.  She has been co-hosting for The Jersey Joe Show, WOR710AM in NY, Sunday nights at 7PM, or anytime on iHeartRadio. You can reach her at cindyscorners@gmail.com or on social media at @cindyscorners