Putin's Titanic has hit a fatal Middle East iceberg

Putin tried to sail the Middle East waters without an economic or political compass. The crash is fast approaching.

Mark Langfan

OpEds Khamenei and Putin
Khamenei and Putin
Mark Langfan

In 1912, imagine buying a super-expensive ticket on the unsinkable Titanic only to find out halfway across the Atlantic Ocean that not only is the Titanic sinking, but you are going to die drowning in the frigid waters. 

It’s 2018 and that’s exactly how Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Foreign Minister Lavrov are feeling at this exact moment about their buy into Iranian debt and Iranian “hegemony.”  Iran’s genocidal Islamo-Fascist Regime is slowing or at the least, going up in flames.  The problem for Putin is that Putin has put all his Middle East eggs in the Shiite Ayatollah’s basket, and that basket has just crashed to the ground.

Let’s talk cash.  Putin has sold Iran and Syria weapons on credit, essentially based on the assumption of Iran’s solvency. Putin doesn’t have any money to begin with, so Putin has to borrow money and put the sovereign Russian accounts in debt to pay for the weapons he sells to Iran and Syria in return for Iranian and Syrian debt.  Not a  wise move.

As an example, soon after the Iran/Obama Nuke deal was signed, sealed and delivered by the US Congress in September 2015, RIA Novosti reported that the Russian sovereign government itself loaned Iran $5 billion, and the Russian infrastructure bank VEB loaned Iran another $2 Billion for a total of $7-8 Billion dollars.  Those numbers don’t even include the weapons and nuclear power plants Russia has “sold” to Syria and Iran on credit.  How do you say, “Iran is totally bankrupt and its IOUs are worthless” in Russian?

Next, Putin’s Russian weapons have co-partnered in the Iranian genocide of a half-million Sunni Arabs in Syria.  But, Putin has just realized that neither he nor Iran has the money to cement any form of an Assad Syrian post-war Pro-Russian regime.  As an Apollo 13 astronaut would have said in the situation, “Moscow, we have a problem.”  Iran blew through the 150 Billion dollars Obama gave them faster than a katyusha rocket.

Then, of course, Russia is now trying to shore up its Iranian tyrant friends by telling the United States “not to meddle.”  See this:  It’s ok for Russian jets to mass-murder Syrian opposition forces, but President Trump can’t tweet a little positive feedback to hundreds of thousands of Iranians who are sick and tired of their fanatical religious leaders who buy Russian death-machines instead of investing in Iran’s youth.  In Putin’s Orwellian world, Russian mass-murder of Syrians is not “meddling,” but President Trump’s tweeting to Iranian citizens is “meddling.” 

And it gets even better.  Close to 20% of Russia is made up of vast territories comprised of Sunni Muslims.  The current Iranian revolution is lighting the fire under all those Sunni Muslims and encouraging them  to revolt against Putin - just as the Iranians are revolting against their brutal tyrannical ayatollahs.  The Sunni Russians would love to execute their own #MeToo campaign against Putin. 

If Ayatollah Khamenei’s Regime is overthrown, Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov will face an internal Islamic threat 50 times worse than that which NATO poses.  Add to this mix the fact that Russia’s Sunnis are upset that Putin backed the Shiite Iran genocide against the Syrian Sunnis so as to further enslave Sunni Islam.  Putin is sitting on a ticking internal Sunni Islamic nuclear bomb of his own making.

Putin may have thought he backed the Middle East “Strong Horse” in backing Iran.  But, with Iran’s streets in flames, it’s looking like Putin backed a paper tiger that  is about to go up in flames while turning his country into an economic cripple.