Will Europe fall?

Multiculturalism cannot withstand a true believer's ideology and civil war is lurking in its folds.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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Islamist ideology is the most dramatic challenge to Europe since Soviet Communism. But all our vigilance and tje exhausting rules we must follow at the airports, make sense only if we understand that we are fighting a war against it. And Europe’s troubles come from the very denial of this battle and challenge.

Last week, Salah Abdeslam, the mastermind of Paris’ terror carnage, was arrested in the middle of Brussels after 4 months of fleeing justice. Nato and the European Union are headquartered near his house. Abdeslam could have seen the mayor of the city from the window. Thousands of Eurocrats near him were toiling for the post-historical future, while thousands of Islamists, a few meters away, dribbled to convert Belgium into a Caliphate. We saw the results in the airport and metro.

Abdeslam’s neighbourhood, Mollenbeek, has become the most brutal laboratorium for multiculturalism. But “Mollenbekistan” is not unique in Europe: the Swedish city of Malmö, the British arcipelago of “Londonistan”, cities such as Tolouse and Marseille, the deep and large Parisian banlieu, the Dutch city of Rotterdam….

These terrorists used Raqqa just as a shooting range, just for practice. This is a European war. These are Europe’s children, the children of failed integration.
Europe created its own Jihadi executioners by adopting a suicidal form of multiculturalism in which the state gives you “panem et circenses”, bread and circuses, and will close its eyes while you adopt the most genocidal form of Islam and you turn its cities into rogue states.

A few days ago, from the columns of French newspaper Le Figaro, Algerian writer Boualem Sansal said: “The border with the West is abolished because now political Islam has open spaces in London, Paris and Brussels”. This is the plain truth Europe doesn’t want to hear.

After the attacks in Paris last November, French journalist Eric Zemmour said: “France should bomb Mollenbeek, not Raqqa.” Rude but right. These terrorists used Raqqa just as a shooting range, just for practice. This is a European war. These are Europe’s children, the children of failed integration.

In the Bataclan theatre, where they perpetrated the horrendous massacre of 100 people, these terrorists enjoyed looking sadistically at their victims. Europeans killing other Europeans. Like “Jihadi John”, a British boy, beheading British captives in the Syrian desert.

Europe has, in fact, its own Raqqas, cities turned de facto into Jihadist bases from which terrorists can plan attacks against other European nations. A French journalist, Ivan Riofuol, a journalist for Le Figaro, just wrote a book, “La guerre civile qui vient”,  The coming civil war. “There is a fatal conjunction between a counter-society, which rejects Western democracy, and our own blindness” Rioufol told me. “The risk of a civil war in the future is real. The humanist and anti-racist Left has deliberately been silent on the new Salafist totalitarianism and anti-Semitism. Civil war is lurking in the folds of multiculturalism”.

These days, the European media have been very busy publishing stories about the failure of Intelligence Services, the protection of the parents of these terrorists, the social roots of Jihad. Distractions to avoid mentioning Islamization and multiculturalism.

What should Europe's answer be? Hard to say. Maybe it is too late.