Only Israel, Not Europe, Can Stand Up to Islam

France's puerile educational response - and for that matter, Europe's general response - to the Charlie Hebdo and supermarket massacres, is worse than useless.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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That the French ruling class had understood little or nothing of the massacres at Charlie Hebdo and at the kosher supermarket in Paris could have already been easily guessed. 

The confirmation comes from the extensive program announced by the Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, a French-Moroccan woman who was seen as the symbol of French integration.

"How could have we let our students become murderers?", asked the daily Le Monde borrowing the cry of four teachers of Aubervilliers, the Parisian suburb where the brothers Kouachi grew up.

But instead of promoting a Western "jihad" based on identity, France will respond to Islamic fundamentalism with an unprecedented, banal and secular offensive. A "Day of Secularism" will be celebrated every 9th of December, something akin to worshiping the Deity of Reason promoted by Robespierre. The Cardinal of Paris, Vingt-Trois, has rightly condemned the decision to celebrate the Day of Laïcité, because "secularism is not a religion that must organize religious holidays." 

Belkacem, renamed "Ministre du Décervelage" - Minister of Brainwashing - by conservative associations and the press, also announced that "the paper of secularism" will be signed in schools at the beginning of each year. "Secularism must prevail everywhere," said Prime Minister Manuel Valls. The socialist government will also unleash "a thousand ambassadors of secularism" in the schools, dealing specifically with students "that show a worrying behavior in front of the symbols of French sovereignty." 

An attempt to eliminate any claim of identity. 

Because, as posited by one of the assistants of Mrs. Belkacem, the sociologist Christian Maurel, education means "getting out of any cultural affiliation". The sociologist Jean-Pierre Le Goff argues that Belkacem is part of "a school of thought that does not want to change society through violence and coercion, but through school and law."

Islam's black banner crying "No God but Allah" is marching heavily over Europe's secular ruins.
But the conservative weekly Valeurs Actuelles comments on the Hollande-Belkacem project that now "secularism becomes a new religion. "

Teachers now will be judged not just on their knowledge and their teaching ability, but also "on their ability to share the values of the Republic." The plan also intends to strengthen Sartre's old "culture of commitment." 

A French teacher, Isabelle Rey, just wrote that "many of our students do not share our dismay at the events. We can pretend the consensus, but it is an objective fact that a significant portion of our population believes that the journalists deserved their fate or that the brothers Kouachi died as heroes". 

And when dealing with them, with the "lions of Islam", you cannot fight with this puerile kind of laicité. 

You cannot convince the monsters who slaughtered Jewish children in Toulouse, who executed Western journalists in Paris, who raped Yazidi girls, who crucified Christians and threw gays from buildings.

Islam's black banner crying "No God but Allah" is marching heavily over Europe's secular ruins.

The Jewish Israel is different, and despite the leftist, gender neutral and secularized agenda of the Israeli élite, the Jewish people is above that and is winning. Only the strong State of Israel, in its whole and undivided land, with its healthy people and its shining Torah, can win over this monstrous ideology.

Only the God of Israel can resist and grow in the face of Islam's historic challenge to humanity.