Declare Abbas a Terrorist

Abbas always knows exactly what he is doing and why. The Israelis are finally catching on.

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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In 1993 Israel signed the Oslo Accords and presto, one thug became chairman, another thug was named president, and still a third brute was titled prime minister.
The gloves are off. Israel has had enough. Or so it surely seems.

When Israel’s left of center Justice Minister Tzipi Livni bails out in disgust it can only mean that the entire nation has finally awakened to the truth about Mahmoud Abbas. He is a terrorist. Time for Israel to say so and declare him an outlaw.  All that remains is to make it official, give him a head start, and send him into the woods along with the rest of his Palestinian Authority. 

A late breaking development comes close to designating Abbas persona non grata.

As of the other day, Israel has suspended all top-level contacts with the PA. That is a step in the right direction.

Abbas spoiled Secretary of State John Kerry’s magnificent obsession when he, Abbas, scuttled “peace talks” by turning in self-pity to the United Nations. This, after Israel saw no benefit in releasing yet another batch of murderers…26 of them.  Seeing that this time he won’t be able to dance in the streets with his brother terrorists, Abbas submitted applications for membership in 15 UN organizations.

A man always knows where he can find love.     

Abbas says he can probably join 500 UN subsidiaries. No doubt he can. Give him this: He knows the UN. He knows the world.

Like Arafat before him, he knows there’s a reservoir of anti-Semitism upon which he can always draw.

So he makes demands, knowing that there is no need for peace – he does not want peace. He only wants to box Israel into a corner. His BDS dogs are always on the prowl and ready to attack. Campuses here in the United States and around the globe are ready to march at his signal.

The Israelis are finally catching on. Here’s a voice from the Israeli right after Abbas demanded the surrender of Jerusalem. Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Minister of the Economy, responded thusly on his Facebook page: “You want a commitment? Here you go: Eastern Jerusalem will never be your capital.”

Likewise, Abbas insists that Israel must return to its 1967 borders. Note: These are not negotiating points. These are demands.

Abbas demands that Israel must absorb more “Palestinian refugees” (of which the supply is endless.)

Abbas demands that Israel must release 1,500 more prisoners.

Abbas demands that Israel must stop construction in East Jerusalem.

Abbas demands that the IDF must stop chasing killers when they hide in his shelters.

Who elected Abbas king of anything? Who is he to make demands? He doesn’t even have a country! He is a “chairman” of some thing only because in 1993 Israel signed the Oslo Accords and presto, one thug became chairman, another thug was named president, and still a third brute was titled prime minister. Israel bestowed these appellations as gestures of goodwill.

Israel needed a peace partner so it created one, but it turned out to be Frankenstein.

What it got was one generation of terrorists after another. Abbas is no different from Hitler’s friend, the Mufti of Jerusalem.

He is no different from his predecessor the mass murderer Yasser Arafat.

Only that Abbas wears a suit. He should be wearing prison stripes.

He glorifies killers on street signs and in schoolbooks.

If it quacks like a terrorist, it is a terrorist.

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