Former ISS Head Diskin Has Become a Threat to Israel

The former head of the Shin Bet has crossed a red line, says this writer.

Giulio Meotti

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Diskin puts an aura of crimson on Judea and Samaria and advances the notion of removing all Jews from areas handed over to “Palestine”.
Yuval Diskin’s reputation as a former chief of Israel’s Shin Bet Security Services has always protected him from criticism. But Diskin must be exposed for what he really is: a threat to the Jewish people.

Diskin was one of the six (former) chief intelligence officers who took part in a left-wing film’s depiction of Israel as both a “police state” and an “occupying power”.

In 2003, four of the six officials immortalized in “The Gatekeepers” published an appeal in Yedioth Ahronoth against the “catastrophe” to which Ariel Sharon would lead the country, which wasn’t the disengagement, but the war on terror. The former president and a founder of the air force, Ezer Weizman, accused them of casting shame on the country.

During “The Gatekepeers”s premiere at the Tel Aviv’s Cinemateque, a woman in the audience turned to Avi Dichter and raged: “How could you collaborate on this ‘thing,’ on this film? How could you do a thing like that? It’s disgraceful. People all over the world will see it. Shame on you! Shame on you, Dichter!” Yuval Diskin seems to have ignored that outcome. 

In a long essay for Yedioth Ahronoth, the former head of Israel’s security apparatus presented his “Social-Political-Economic-Security Vision”. It is a manifesto for a “democratic, Jewish and sane state” full of hysteria against the national religious camp. A recipe for disaster. 

Diskin calls for “a state whose maintenance will not require the ongoing occupation of another people”. It is not compassion and generosity, expecially from a man who ordered targeted killings of terrorists. Diskin simply wants to destroy Jewish life in Judea and Samaria and the security apparatus which make Jewish life in the coast fairly pleasant and safe. 

Diskin strives for a state where “the sanctity of human life always stands above the sanctity of land”. What a paradox for a bureaucrat who goes against Israel’s majority - who opposed Oslo and paid the price in blood for that failed agreement.

The Oslo Accords gave away the land and the sanctity of human life through one agreement.

Diskin puts an aura of crimson on Judea and Samaria and advances the notion of removing all Jews from areas handed over to “Palestine”. Since 2008, when he warned “settlers” were ready to use violence to derail the peace talks, Diskin has harped on the threat of “Jewish civil war”.

Diskin supports the Geneva Initiative, which calls for the institution of an international regime to include military forces from the EU, UN, US, Russia and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. It would be the end of Jewish sovereignty in Israel and the reinstitution of a global anti-Semitic mandate like that of the League of Nations.

I long for Shin Bet’s other heads, such as Amos Manor, who never spoke about his work. And when a pushy journalist asked him an interview a quarter of a century after he resigned, Manor replied: “I don’t care if you are Herodotus” and said nothing.

Diskin is now scaring Israel into surrendering to the Jews’ mortal enemies. He is like the character of “Gidi” in David Grossman’s novel “The Yellow Wind”, the Shin Bet official who went too close to the Palestinian Arabs. Grossman’s secret agent says that when two apples touch each other and one spot goes bad, the rot spreads to both sides.

Diskin has become that rot. He is threat to Israel.