Will Israel Cause World War III?

The Palestinian Arab issue has been so magnified that tiny Israel can even be accused of fomenting WWIII.

Gerald A. Honigman

OpEds Honigman

Just within the last few weeks, while engaged in several different programs on the Middle East, I had three men come up to me with their explanation of all of the region's woes.

All were intelligent individuals. I assessed this after long conversations with them.

Their conclusion: It's all Israel's fault.

Why? The Jews aim to cause turmoil in the entire area to distract the world from their alleged crimes against the "Palestinians"- who are actually only one of numerous varieties of tribes within the Arab nation. If Jews (or Kurds or Imazighen/"Berbers," etc.) played the same game, they could demand not one state, but many more as well.

When I asked them if Israel had not existed, would Arabs still not have gassed, massacred, subjugated, enslaved, and otherwise persecuted literally millions of non-Arab peoples in the region and still engaged in the millennial and violent struggle between the Shi'a and Sunni, all I got was a change of subject back to "oppressor Israel."

At least two of the above claimed that Israel would cause World War III.

When I asked for an explanation, it came down to them expecting Israel to simply allow itself to be victimized--another "peace for our time" deal that some of us had pegged long ago. Any move Israel took to prevent itself from being offered up as a sacrificial lamb was simply further proof of its guilt.

When I explained that I drove farther to talk to them at these events than Israel is in width via the '49 armistice lines, and that it's Israel's very existence--not size--which is the problem, it was if I was talking to a wall.

When I asked why the British could claim  sovereignty over 8,000 miles from home in the Falkland Islands off of Argentina (and many other places as well) but no Judean - Jew - could live in Judea, more blank stares.

When I asked if these three, who demanded a 22nd Arab state (second, not first, in the original 1920 Mandate of Palestine) by having a minuscule Israel grossly endanger its own people, whether they also supported the creation of states for scores of millions of truly stateless, native, subjugated, non-Arab peoples in the region, who had their very cultures and languages outlawed, I once again just received  blank stares and a quick subject change.

The Jesuit of the three switched gears and asked if the year 1492 meant anything to me.. He won't forget what happened next.

I said, yes--it certainly does.1492 was when the Spanish Inquisition was in full bloom, Jews had to convert or were roasted alive in autos da fe, and  those who hid their identities were dubbed "swine", that is, marranos.

While the Dominicans started the Inquisition, Jesuits later played an active role as well, I added. In his writings, Christopher Columbus made mention of the exact date of his voyage being linked to the Jews' expulsion from Spain - perhaps a coincidence, but probably not.

After that exchange, my 2013 would-be Inquisitor walked away in a huff.

So, there it is, once again, just in case you needed another reminder that Jew scapegoating is not a thing of the past. Call yourself an anti-Zionist and attack the Jew of the Nations instead of individual Jews and everything and anything is permissible.

Prominent churches are embracing sanctions against the only state where any real freedom exists in the middle east region--despite its own flaws.

Compare Israel to any state which surrounds it with the same exact lenses of moral scrutiny- dare you. There is no comparison. Not that people like those above give a hoot.

Masses of people are blown apart daily throughout the region--deliberately, not because someone is using them as human shields or killing indiscriminatey, but because of the Jews. it’s the Jews' fault.

The real question is, how many people really believe this?

But that doesn't make a difference either.

It's still that Jew thing again.