Congressman Steve Cohen, Shalom

There is a political price for being associated with pseudo Zionist J-Streeet of which you should be aware--but come visit us in the Shomron!

David Ha'ivri


Last week the Anti-Israel lobby Jstreet failed in their effort to manipulate Israeli leadership into accepting their private delegation of American representatives. The Shomron Liaison Office took the opportunity to reach out to American officials and offer them a true picture of the facts by touring the Shomron as our guests. Please see below letter from Ron Jager of the Shomron Liaison Office to Congressman Steve Cohen.  

Congressman Steve Cohen Shalom,
Your visit to Israel that has been arranged through the auspices or in association with JStreet has positioned you politically with an organization that despite its claim to be pro-Israel is in fact working day and night to adopt policies and strategies that are clearly in total disregard to the policies and course of action promoted by the elected government of the State of Israel and its elected Prime Minister Netanyahu.
For well over a century, Jewish “liberal” and leftist intellectuals such as those associated with JStreet have rejected the legitimacy of harnessing the interests of the Jewish people into a political state. Only the Shoah, the extreme demonstration of evil versus Jewish powerlessness, succeeded in turning the objections of these intellectuals to Israel into an embarrassment.
The extensive damage to Israel’s reputation inflicted by JStreet and other Jewish “liberal” and leftist intellectuals has been greatly underestimated. Indeed, with their words and actions they are boosting pernicious Judeophobic propaganda.

Now, we are in an era when the Jews are once more sentenced to solitary confinement on the moral high ground, with no other nation except Israel expected to disappear from this world. This is the logical conclusion of the global effort to demonize and de-legitimize the State of Israel, with JSteet playing a pivotal role in this global campaign.
The Prime Ministers Office is totally justified in rejecting your association with an organization that propagates political positions that clearly endanger the continuing existence of the State of Israel. If we have learned anything over the past months and the emergence of the “Arab Spring”, it is that the core problems in the Middle East have absolutely nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but everything to do with the lack of democracy and democratic structures, the lack of human rights for women and minorities, and the continuing rule of autocratic dictatorial tribal political leaders.

The inability of the Palestinian Arab leadership to recongize Israel as the home of the Jewish nation, and to educate their people for peace and not make suicide bombers role-models is the reason that no Two-State solution is possible.
In the event that you would be interested in visiting our region in the heartland of Israel, the Shomron Liaison Office would be happy to arrange a day visit to the communities located in the Samaria mountain area, what you probably refer to the West Bank.

By visiting our region you will be able to assess for yourself whether so many political positions and narratives that you have been taught to believe to be true are in fact totally dislodged from reality. All you have to do is make one visit and see and hear for yourself, as many of your own constituents have done when visiting Israel.

So please accept an open invitation. Over the past two years, the American Consulate General of Jerusalem’s political officer has visited our region a number of times to learn about the gap between what is reported in the media and the reality on the ground, Mr. Jonathan Cullen, the current political officer of the consulate can vouch for our sincere effort to educate political leaders such as yourself.
I would also like to take the opportunity to convey to you as a Congressional representative of the Democratic party that the policies promoted by President Obama during the last visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu are indicative of a rookie mentality and a total misunderstanding of how the Middle East ticks.

When President Barack Obama trots out his former chief of staff to write an article in defense of his love for Israel, you know that Obama understands that he’s in trouble.
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Kind regards,
Ron Jager
Strategic Advisor
Shomron Liaison Office