Mahmoud Al-Habash

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PA minister cancels appearance at Hebrew U

Mahmoud al-Habash, notorious for glorifying terror, calling all of Israel 'Muslim land', cancels Hebrew University appearance.

Terror-glorifying PA minister cancels appearance at Hebrew U

Get to know PA minister visiting Hebrew University

Glorifies terrorists, declares all of Israel as Muslim land, strong anti-Semitism, all normal for PA minister invited to Hebrew University.

Get to know PA minister who will visit Hebrew University

Abbas's Religious Adviser: Israel Will Disappear

Al-Habash, PA Supreme Sharia Judge, says on TV 'Palestine will return to us,' all military and diplomatic options of 'resistance' are open.

Abbas's Religious Adviser Promises Israel Will Disappear

PA Minister Under Fire for Denouncing Terror Murde

Minister of Religious Trusts spoke out against murder of Israeli policeman, faces calls for him to resign.

PA Minister in Trouble for Denouncing Terror Murder

PA Condemns Hevron Shooting to 'Bolster Image'

Abbas, high-ranking PA official condemn murder in Israeli press - but still continue to endorse terror against Israelis.

PA Condemns Hevron Shooting Attack to 'Bolster Image'

'Jihad in Jerusalem'

Palestinian Authority Religious Affairs Minister calls for Jihad to move from Syria to Jerusalem in speech; Abbas applauds.

'Jihad in Jerusalem'